Our Records

2019-0117 HVF Agenda

HVF Board & Adviser Attendance Record

2018-1018 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0920 HVF Agenda [no quorum]
2018-0823 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0717 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0619 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0515 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0417 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0320 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0220 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2018-0116 HVF Agenda & Minutes

2017-1011 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2017-0815 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2017-0602 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2017-0516 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2017-0418 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2017-0221 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2017-0111 HVF Agenda & Minutes

2016-1212 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2016-1013 HVF Budget Meeting
2016-1010 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2016-0912 HVF Agenda & Minutes
2016-0808 Hagerman Idea Minutes

2015-1109 Hagerman Idea Minutes


2018-0116 Hagerman Valley Foundation Updated Bylaws

2016-0808 DBA Hagerman Valley Foundation Resolution
2016-0912 Hagerman IDEA Bylaw Amendment Resolution
2018-0116 Board Member Nominations Resolution
2018-0116 Board Member Removal Resolution
2018-0116 Chief Operations Officer Resolution
2018-0116 Honorary Member Resolution
2018-0116 Officer Signing Authority Resolution


2018-0815 ICF SW Region Grant Application
2018-0516 ICF RFI     2018-0518 HVF Response
2017-2018 IdahoNonProfitCenter Membership
TAP Application – City of Hagerman FY 2018
ADA Sidewalk Ramp Grant


Dec – Christmas Extravaganza Certificate of Insurance
Oct – Parade Certificate of Insurance
Apr – HVF Bird Festival Certificate of Insurance
Office Certificate of liability 2018-2019
Park Art Certificate of insurance
Office Certificate of liability 2017-2018


Evaqua Hold Harmless Bird Festival Vardas Fisher Property

Honorary Member Nominations
Trademark Hagerman Heritage Tours
Trademark Hagerman Farmers Market
DBA The Hagerman Gallery
DBA Hagerman Valley Foundation
Charter Members
IDEA History
EIN Verification Letter
IRS Ltr- 501c3 Status
I.D.E.A. Articles of Incorporation





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January Newsletter


Feb 16: Blues Music Festival
Mar 22-23: Cowboy Poetry
Apr 27: Antique Show
May 17-18: Bird Festival
June-Sept: Sunday Fundays - Farmers Markets & Swap Meets, 11-4. Special events each market!
Oct 14: Fossil Day Parade
Dec 7: Horse & Wagon Christmas Caroling

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